Stroke is a leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States.

The goal of our wellness program is to deal proactively with issues like stress, high blood pressure cardiovascular disease and obesity through screening and education. Primary prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than treatment. In many instances, education and awareness go a long way toward changing behaviors. Many of the diseases that lead to high absenteeism and inability to perform at optimum levels are related to lifestyle choices. They are learned behaviors that can be unlearned. If you think this should be the responsibility of the employee, not the employer, you wouldn't necessarily be wrong. However, when that obese, inactive, smoking, 50+ manager has a major heart attack and is out of work for several months, it is really going to affect you.

Our benefit's specialist can show how incorporating screening, nutrition and exercise will directly correlate to cost savings. This can be seen in decreased use of health care benefits, decreased rates of absenteeism and reduced employee turnover. The more you learn about our screening and wellness programs the more you will see the amazing benefits associated with them.

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