Physicians typically face the challenge of having to refer clients out to third parties for imaging services. We can augment your range of services in offering Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound Testing as part of your practice. This not only benefits you in revenue retention but additionally serves to enhance your overall patient wellness by providing timely and convenient care with medical staff they have come to trust and depend upon. Heartscan Services, Inc. provides an easy to implement Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound testing service, all for one low monthly lease fee. Ultrasound is the most typical type of echocardiogram performed.

On average, every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke.

Heartscan offers physician consultative services and solutions that help physicians expand the services of their practice. At the same time we can enhance overall patient care by providing the physician with a timely and convenient service to offer their patients. We provide an easy implement ultrasound testing service and other services for example Ankle Brachial index and Nerve Conduction, all for a low monthly lease fee. Patients appreciate that they will not have to go to unfamiliar locations of certain tests and the physician offices bill for all services being done in their offices.

Heartscan recognizes your need for minimal intrusion when it comes to sharing space in your practice. We require only one room in which to provide state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained CV Technologists. We also staff highly experienced Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons.