Testimonial NYS POLICE: "Just save one"

Part 1

Testimonial NYS POLICE: "Just save one"

Part 2 features Marilyn Martinucci

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36th Annual National Labor & Management Conference

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Marilyn Martinucci of Heart Scan Services at the 36th Annual National Labor & Management Conference.

Why Preventative Screening?

Current heart attack and stroke prevention efforts have not been successful to date. Relying on risk factors to predict heart attacks such as family history, high blood pressure, obesity, EKG and even cholesterol, is not enough. While maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is important, having a normal cholesterol score does not mean you are not at risk for a heart attack. [Read More...] Interviews

Heart Scan Services conducts screenings on local firefighters and political leaders as they raise awareness on the need to screen for signs of heart disease. Featured Interviews: Marilyn Martinucci; Brian Durr, Commissioner; Joe Minogue, Commissioner; Tom Cilmi, Suffolk County Legislator; Lois Riccobono, Benefits Specialist, Mutual Inc.